Steering Committee

The Top Dressage Finland Steering Committee, which is organised under the Equestrian Federation of Finland’s High Performance Steering Committee (HUJO), is responsible for the operations of Top Dressage Finland. A riders’ representative is elected annually to the TDF Steering Committee. HUJO approves the members of the TDF Steering Committee annually. The TDF Steering Committee operates according to the Sports Operations Matrix within its mandate from HUJO and in cooperation with the Dressage Committee. In addition to the Steering committee, the Chef d’ Equipe and a Press Director are part of the Top Dressage Finland organisation.

Steering Committee 2016

Teemu Ahtee

Janne Bergh

Mia Stellberg

Aki Ylänne, Chairman

Ettan Ehrnrooth, Riders' Representative



Sports psychology: Mia Stellberg

Team Vet: Eamon McLaughlin

Team Physio: Tuula Pursiainen

Press Director (internal communications, website, social media): Hanna-Maija Lahtinen, hannamaija.lahtinen(at)

The Communications Manager of the Equestrian Federation of Finland is responsible for press relations with respect to international competitions at or above the CDI3* level.